The City or the Suburbs? Pros and Cons of Living in Each

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Depending on where you are in life, you might benefit more from living in the city as opposed to living in the suburbs, and vice versa. If you’re thinking about a move, here are some potential pros and cons of living in each type of environment to consider:

Suburbs: The Pros

Living in suburbia is great if you plan to raise children. Since you’ll likely pay higher property taxes in a suburban area, there’s more money available to pay for public education. Suburban schools will often benefit from a bigger budget when compared to city schools.

Next, living in the suburbs is typically calm and quiet. The noise levels are lower than those in a big city. You’ll have fewer sirens and honking horns and less busyness, in general, when living in a suburban area.

The cost of living is typically cheaper in the suburbs than in the city, which is certainly a plus.

Suburbs: The Cons

There may not be as many jobs available in the suburbs as there are in the city, so you might have a long commute to work. Some people may have to drive one or two hours each way every day. This can be a real pain and even make it harder to advance your career.

Also, many people move into a larger home when they relocate from the city to the suburbs. This requires a lot of additional furniture and other expensive items that could hike the overall price of relocating.

Lastly, public transportation may be scarcer in the suburbs. This can make it difficult to catch a train or a bus to the city and back, depending on where you live.

City: The Pros

As mentioned, there are generally more job opportunities in the city than in suburban areas. With more companies and more room for advancement, this is a major pro for living in the city. You’re likely to find a far superior transportation system in a metro area, so you can catch a bus, train or Uber to anywhere you need to go in a matter of minutes.

Also, there may be more opportunity to expand your cultural horizons living in the city. You’ll be exposed to art, the theater, musical groups and other forms of entertainment on a regular basis, whereas the suburbs may present fewer opportunities.

City: The Cons

Again, the cost of living is generally higher in the city. Things are more expensive, so you often get less for your money. Also, the competition for good jobs can be intense when living in the city. If you’re looking to get a job–especially a high-paying one–expect the competition to be fierce.

Living the city life has the potential to be more stressful, as well. It’s a fast-paced environment, and some people have a hard time keeping up.

Notably, both the suburbs and the city have many more upsides to offer. In the end, picking the ideal place to live comes down to your personal wants and needs. Speak to a real estate agent to learn more about the costs and lifestyle in any area you’re considering moving to.

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