Tackle These Simple Tasks Before Fall Officially Arrives

The Home Team

As the summer winds down, many homeowners are looking to fall for their seasonal home sweep. But by completing several tasks now, when you have a more flexible schedule and longer daylight hours, you can prepare your property for the upcoming season. Below are a few tasks to tackle before fall officially arrives.

Clean and seal your deck. If you have a deck or porch that got a lot of use this summer, take the time to power wash it, or at least give it a manual scrub down. Once the area is clean, add a fresh coat of sealant to protect it from harsh winter weather.

Clear the gutters. Typically thought of as a fall to-do, cleaning your gutters before the seasons change will make room for falling leaves and other debris—and help avoid a costly clog down the line.

Inspect doors and windows. Before cold weather hits, check for cracks around your windows and doors, and weather-strip as needed. This will help keep your home warm during fall and winter.

Tidy the yard. Before the season changes, trim back trees and shrubs, cut your grass, trim your garden beds and add a fresh layer of mulch to protect them from frost.

Have your furnace or boiler inspected. Bring in a professional to make sure your furnace or boiler is in working order before cold weather hits. This will not only extend the life of your appliance, but also ensure that you don’t have a breakdown later on down the road.

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