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Jan 24 2020
Are Your Passwords Protecting You?
As more and more of life takes place online, we’re sharing an increasing amount of private information on the Internet... a...
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Jan 17 2020
How to Prevent Accidental Poisonings
Household chemicals and medicines can be useful and beneficial, but they can also be extremely dangerous. Accidental poisonin...
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Jan 10 2020
Understanding VA Loans
Military personnel, both current and past service members, have an option for a housing loan that many don’t even realize e...
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Oct 29 2019
Origami isn't the Only Paper Art
Look around your home. How much paper do you see? And how much of it do you actually need? If you own a home, loose papers li...
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Oct 15 2019
Putting in a New Floor? Use This Checklist
If a new floor is in your future, proper planning is key to a successful outcome. Use the following checklist from Consumer R...
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Sep 20 2019
Look Up: Your Roof May Need You
When it comes to our homes, it’s only natural to focus on what’s in our sight line - the yard, the front door, the window...
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Sep 12 2019
Tackle These Simple Tasks Before Fall Officially Arrives
As the summer winds down, many homeowners are looking to fall for their seasonal home sweep. But by completing several tasks ...
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Aug 21 2019
The City or the Suburbs? Pros and Cons of Living in Each
Depending on where you are in life, you might benefit more from living in the city as opposed to living in the suburbs, and v...
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